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Recordings can be used in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menu’s, Calling Queues and Ring Groups. You can also have your Phone Number’s configured to play a recording to the caller, or as a failover if you prefer that instead of voicemail. First you need to upload your recordings here. When done, create or edit your IVR and Queues and select the appropriate recording.

File Specifications:
Your file must be a Windows WAV sound (extension .wav), .mp3, or .ogg file. The format is PCM 8kHz 16 bits Mono. The system will attempt to convert your sound file to this format once the upload is done but result is not guaranteed if you didn’t saved your file in the proper format. Please note that when you upload a new recording, it can take up to 60 seconds for this recording to propagate to all VoIp servers and will not be playable until this process is done.