Phone Books

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The Phone Book can be used for multiple purposes:

1. You can program Speed Dial Keys that allow you to place a call to a phone number by pressing a reduced number of keys. This function is particularly useful if you dial certain numbers on a regular basis. The prefix to dial your Speed Dial entries is *75 (e.g. to dial entry 01, you must dial *7501 from your phone). It is not currently possible to use a different prefix.

2. You can import and export your Phone Book groups, the format is CSV (Comma-separated values).

3. You can also use the Phone Book entries with our Virtual Fax and SMS features. When sending from both features, the field will instantly show you the available entries to choose from when you start inputting either a number or a name from the Phone Book. You will also see the name configured in the Phone Book for received messages.

4. You can group your Phone Book entries and then use these groups with our CallerID filtering feature to either block or whitelist incoming calls.

You can have up to a maximum of 500 Phone Book entries and assign Speed Dial codes to 99 of those entries.