IVR Menus

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The ‘Digital Receptionist’ (IVR) page is the interface used to setup your auto-attendant menus. For example, you could create an IVR and point one of your Phone Numbers to it, and when the IVR answers, caller will hear “Thank you for calling XYZ Inc, for Sales press 1, for Service press 2”, etc.

Some tips you may want to consider before you start creating your IVR menus:

  • Plan your call flow in advance. You should create all the destinations (childs) of your IVR menus before creating the parent IVR’s that lead to them
  • Record your audio prompts and upload them using the “Recordings” portion of the control panel.
  • Create any destinations that don’t currently exist and that you plan on using with your IVR destinations. (Calling queues, Ring groups, etc).
  • If you find out when creating an IVR that you forgot to create the destination (IVR, Queue etc), don’t worry. You can save it, go create the missing element and come back to edit it later.