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The Virtual Fax feature is used for sending and receiving a Fax (facsimile) with our service.

In the ‘Send a Fax’ section you will input the contact number you are sending your Fax to (this also works with your Phone Book entries). You can also configure the Name and Station ID for the header of your Fax message, choose the number you will be sending from, configure an email to receive status updates and attach the file you want to Fax.

In the ‘My Faxes’ section you will see the information for all your Faxes including Date, Caller ID, Station ID, Destination, Description, the amount of Pages, the Duration time, Status, the per minute Rate and the Total cost. Here you will also be able to View your Fax, Download it as a PDF, send it by E-mail or Move the Fax to a different mailbox.