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Similar to the call-back, The DISA (Direct Inward System Access) lets you dial numbers via your VOIP Account from Inbound Calls. The main difference is that a DISA doesn’t “call you back”. It gives you direct access to a dial tone for dialing a phone number of your choice, similar to what a Calling Card service does. For example, you can create a DISA Entry, and configure it as the endpoint of your Phone Number. When you call, you will be prompted to enter a PIN number and the telephone number you want to dial to. You can also use DISA from IVR’s (Digital Receptionist), Time Conditions and CallerID Filtering.

Usage: When accessing a DISA, you will first be prompted to dial the PIN. It consist of 4 digits. Once you have dialed the 4 digits, the system will prompt you for the telephone number. Dial the telephone number of your choice or a Speed Dial Entry from your phone book (*75XX) and then press the pound key (#) or simply wait for the duration of the “Digit Time-out”, and the system will place the call.